On a Chilly Sunday Vibe!

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Hey hey hey!

It was a lovely day. I was supposed to visit my boyfriend and his family today but I got a terrible head ache so he came and visited me instead. Such love. So we spent all afternoon food tripping, cuddling and stuff, and trying to ask ourselves who among the two of us really did the first move which I claim to be him but his memory is sooo great that everything that happened prior to our relationship pointed me as the first mover -_- but swear I did not or whatever. Anyway, I was really planning to publish a more "life-saving" post today but I wasn't able to finish the graphics so that needs to wait. For the mean time, since the day is just perfect for this, I will share with you guys my Sunday whatabouts! I guess you know the drill, so without further adieu; my sunday currently:

R E A D I N G some Facebook posts from funny pages. Hilarious!

W R I T I N G ... well I wrote nothing today to be honest (this article, maybe? I mean wrote electronically, ofcourse, not like with a pen and paper thing)

L I S T E N I N G to some good relaxing jazz music.

T H I N K I N G of  what to wear tomorrow because I'm going to visit his family for real hahaha. Because they waited for me and I couldn't make it.

S M E L L I N G the scent of my boyfriend that was left on my pillows because who doesn't love that?

W I S H I N G for tomorrow to have a very good weather!

H O P I N G for the best in my life, in general.

W E A R I N G shorts, and a forest green tank top.

L O V I N G my fishes! I have two tanks of fishes. One with my betta fish Chow, and the other is a community tank with Pink Danios, Black Mollies, and a Mickey Mouse Platy. Maybe I should blog about them soon!

W A N T I N G some hawaiian pizza with lots lots of pineapples! Yes, I am a pineapple over pizza girl, sorry. I don't care about Gordon Ramsay's opinion, I'll eat what I want to eat. Okay? Lol. Hahaha.

N E E D I N G lots of energy and water! huhuhu. Really bad.

F E E L I N G positive with life and in love with God and all the people I treasure.

C L I C K I N G through my phone for reminders and stuff.

What a chilly Sunday today is!
I can only imagine myself having a cup of coffee right now.

Maybe I should do that! Haha. Till next! :)

Have a great life!

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