Cucumber salad for a healthy foodie like you: A how-to + health benefits

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What is more satisfying than finishing your heavy meal with some freshly made cucumber salad?

Cucumbers. Ahhh. Just imagining about its taste makes me drool already. I do not eat cucumbers as a child but as I grew up and with the influence of my father and grandmother, it is now my favourite.

But ofcourse, this is not just about food or how to prepare the salad. Let me also share the health benefits that you can get from cucumbers (for persuasion):

Skin and Hair
The skin of the cucumbers can actually be use for skin irritations by putting them on the irritated area. It also has an anti-inflammatory property that can kiss your puffy eyes bye bye and not only that, cucumbers also have silicon and sulphur that stimulates hair growth

Relieves bad breath
Oh yes, by putting a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth, its photochemical will kill the bacteria that are the possible cause of bad breath.

Helps in digestion and weight loss
Now I got your attention. Haha. Cucumbers have low calorie and high water content (95% of it) that make it an ideal food buddy for those people trying to lose some weight. Its dietary fibers are helpful in eliminating the body toxins in your digestive tracks thus aiding digestion and eating cucumbers regularly is a great remedy for chronic constipation.

Good source of B vitamins
Cucumbers are good source of B vitamins that is a main in gradient for our “vitamins”. B vitamins play a major role in cell repair and metabolism.

Cure for Hang-overs
Got caught up on late night drinking parade? Eat some slices of cucumbers before going to bed. Its B vitamins, water content and electrolytes will help your body replenish the essential nutrients and will lessen the occurrence of hang-over and headache. Happy morning!

Also, cucumbers are found to help in many major health concerns such as diabeteshigh cholesterol and blood pressurearthritis and even cancer.

Those are just some of the many health benefits of cucumbers for more information you can search it through sites or read more on Natural News.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a cucumber and start slicing! A healthy body means a healthy longer life and more adventures!

Health benefits information are from Natural News

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