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It’s been a long time since the last time I blogged, months or a year? Not sure. Blogging has always been one of my passion and I was a hardcore blogger since 2011, like those bloggers who always update their blogs 24/7 but then “life” happened. I became less and less active until I decided to just shut down my old blog permanently. I’ve been through a great depression and stress due to various events that I’ve been through for the past year.

I’ve been a busy bee due to large influx of school works especially thesis during my last semester in college but thanks God because all sleepless nights, and overflowing tears were worth it because I finally finished my studies! Yay! Yes, I already graduated last December!

As the New Year came, my thesis adviser’s husband offered us (my best friend and I) a job in one of the Bureaus of DENR on where I now work as a Science Research Technician I. The culture shock was real! The transition was not easy so I had a hard time trying to fit right in the professional world but with the help of my boss and office mates I was able to somehow adjust.

I attempted so many times to go back to blogging but my schedule won’t permit it and also I lost the inspiration to blog. Then again, one of my office mates encouraged me or gave me the persuasion to blog again. So here I am.

After I revamp everything and finally set my mind with what I really want to do with my blog, I decided to republish my fortress of thoughts and my very own space in this blogosphere on where I am comfortable to show everyone who I am.

KAELLE CALZADO – BLOG in here is where I compile and share with you guys myself, creative ideas, and thoughts through writing.

As people say, no one can really run away or just forget their passion. After everything that we will go through, at the end of the day, we will search our way back to what we love the most.

I hope that my blog will be able to inspire people to have a better life, and dream of a greater future!

Have a great life!!

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